Who We are

Amy Norman has had a life-long interest in dentistry. Each step in her career has enhanced her artistic and technical skills. Dr. Norman has developed a practice focused on offering patients an exceptional experience in cosmetic and adult dentistry. This focus allows her to combine artistry and science to change patients lives by giving them the smiles of their dreams.

Dr. Norman began her career by dental assisting at the age of 16. She received early acceptance into dental school and worked her way through college as an assistant in various dental specialties.

Dr. Norman is a graduate of The University of Washington and attended the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies with an emphasis on Cosmetic and Neuromuscular dentistry.

Throughout her career, Dr. Norman has sought excellence and balance. She has been named “40 to watch under 40” by The Puget Sound Business Journal, has competed for Mrs. Washington and has been named as KING5’s Best Dentist of Western Washington.

“I live my dream each day - changing smiles and changing lives. When your job is also your passion, you never work a day in your life. My vision was to create a dental studio where patients are pampered in a retreat-like atmosphere. This would not have been possible without my amazing Dream Team. They are the best employees and friends I could ask for. Our purpose is to provide exceptional cosmetic and adult dentistry. Our mission is to exceed our client's expectations to such a degree that they feel they didn’t pay us enough.

In order to fulfill these promises, we are committed to: utilizing state of the art technology, using world-class lab technicians to create our restorations, and hiring and retaining only the highest caliber of team members. We will work with our clients to learn their goals and needs and most importantly, we will never take for granted the trust a client places in us when they join our dental family.”


What Our Patients Say

Amanda: “I found a dentist who cares about my teeth as much as I do!” said Amanda. “I love Dr. Norman and her Dream Team! Their attention to detail in their work and how they treat me and other patients really do make them a dream team for dentistry in Everett!"


Our Super Team

Dr. Amy Norman
Dr. Norman: I am one of the lucky few because my job is also my hobby. I look forward to work and am blessed to work for people and with people that bring me joy. It is my vow to never ever take for granted the trust placed in me when a new guest joins our dental family.
Judy: I started in dentistry years ago because I loved working with patients and I realized I have a knack for helping make things work for them. My job has many titles: receptionist, treatment coordinator, secretary, office manager but really, my job is to make it happen for the patient. I've stayed all these years because of the wonderful environment we've created in our office. Everyone comments when they come in how it feels so different, calm and welcoming. It's a safe, healthy and professional office and I love to work here. I help with financing and payment options, scheduling and anything else that makes the patient's life easier.
Angie: My passion for my work comes from a dedication to excellence. I am fortunate to have found a dentist who also supports that level of care and that's why I've stayed for more than a decade.  It is my goal that every patient leave extremely happy with their treatment in our office.  As a dental hygienist, I'm excited by the advancements in my field and the ability to help my patients feel better and live longer.
Karolyn: I've worked with Dr. Norman since she graduated from dental school. Actually, Judy, Dr. N and I have worked together for more than 23 years! Hard to believe that it has gone by. We have so much fun and I really appreciate the way that Dr. Norman allows us to schedule our patients, so that I can have enough time to visit, not rush and do my most thorough and painless job.
AL: So we should talk about how I got my nickname…Dr. Norman is named Amy and so am I. We thought that two Amy's in the office could get confusing so A.L. are my initials and that's how I became "Al". I pretty much answer to both. :) Dr. Norman has created something really amazing here. The team and the attitude of our office is worthy of the name “The DreamTeam". You really have to come and experience it to believe it. Genuine. Professional. Positive. And it's contagious. I wear a lot of hats in the office. By title, I'm a dental assistant but I think my most important job is that I am responsible for implementing all new technology and techniques into our treatment protocols. That's a big job since Dr. Norman feels it's important to stay abreast of all new improvements in dentistry.
Donita: You can call me Don! As luck or fate would have it, just as I moved north to the area, I was fortunate enough to be able to fill a need at Dr. Norman’s office. I’ve been a restorative dental assistant for over 30 years, and am definitely what you would call a career assistant. After all these years, I still really love what I do, and find that there is still so much to learn to keep me stimulated and interested in dentistry. The team welcomed me with open arms, love and patience. Our client family has equally accepted and welcomed me on board. This is my home away from home. Continuing education in my field will always be a priority. In my spare time, I am a water color artist, organic gardener, and outdoor enthusiast. My family is of the upmost importance to me. I look forward to eventually getting to know each and every one of you!
Alison:  Dr. Norman told me when she hired me, "you are joining a dental family, not a staff".  That's my favorite part of working here, the lasting relationships we have with each other and with our patients. I have a diverse background in the dental field and with concierge-level service.  My personal passions are for nutrition, hiking, swimming and a healthy lifestyle.  I appreciate that our office also values the importance of nutrition, whole body care and the Functional Oral and Systemic Health connection. My job in the office to make sure that everything runs smoothly for my office mates and our patients. Think of me as your dental concierge.