5 Smart Tips to Overcome Dental Anxiety

​About 20 percent of patients simply dread visiting the dentist, according to WebMD. As sad as this makes us (because we love helping our patients so much!), we understand. For many of these people, their fears stem from one or more of these difficult and very real feelings and experiences that may include: Fear of getting hurt Worries and anxiety ...
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There’s No Reason to Fear the Dentist Anymore

According to dentist Dr. Amy Norman, sedation dentistry is a wonderful tool for both children and adults who have any anxiety about visiting the dentist. It’s easy, affordable and comfortable. There’s no reason to suffer through your dental appointments with fear and anxiety anymore.

Dr. Norman is proud to offer sedation dentistry because she understands just how much anxiety and fear can affect someone’s health and happiness. She works with patients every day to determine what level of sedation is best for them so they can get the care they need in the most comfortable way possible.

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Sedation Dentistry Eases Fears for All Ages

Research shows that approximately 15 percent of Americans avoid the dentist because of dental anxiety or phobia, and some experts believe the number is actually much higher. For those who still go despite their anxiety, it can be a challenging experience that is dreaded for days and even weeks beforehand.

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A Relaxing Trip to the Dentist

If the idea of a relaxing trip to the dentist seems absurd, you’ll be happy to know that over the last few years there has been a major focus on the patient experience by dental practices all over the nation.

From virtual reality to an office that feels like anything but a dental practice to sedation dentistry and even a new system that completely takes over your senses, allowing you to relax - there’s so much going on in the world of relaxation dentistry today. If you are anxious about going to the dentist, find a dental practice that uses some of these new ways to help patients relax and sometimes even sleep through their treatments.

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When Dental Anxiety Becomes a Phobia

There’s a difference between being uncomfortable with the idea of visiting the dentist and deciding not to go until pain becomes unbearable. This is the line in the sand where anxiety becomes phobia. Many dentists across the nation have taken note of this huge obstacle to care for many patients and are making big strides at providing options for those who otherwise would never step foot in a dentist’s office.

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Nitrous Oxide: Relaxed Enough to Laugh

For many Americans, both young and old, a trip to the dentist is something to dread. The reasons behind dental anxiety range from bad past experiences to cinematic misrepresentation of the profession to even inexplicable, irrational phobia. In a quest to better patient relations, dentists across the country have worked to find new ways to help patients relax at the dentist.

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Dread the Dentist? Sedation Dentistry Can Help

Going to the dentist can be a very frightening and anxiety-ridden experience for most people, but for some, that fear can be debilitating. In fact, some people even avoid going to the dentist all together as a result of that fear. Many of these people suffer from dental phobia or anxiety, which is extremely common. Roughly 30 million to 40 million people avoid going to the dentist as a result of overwhelming fear and anxiety. While skipping the dentist’s chair all together may seem like a relief, people who do so are at a greater risk of developing gum disease, early tooth loss and a host of other dental complications that can generally be prevented with regular dental visits. Dr. Norman is dedicated to ensuring her patients feel comfortable and at ease during their appointments. She has created a dentist’s office like no other where she caters to each patient’s individual needs and desires. Sometimes no amount of warmed blankets and favorite TV shows can calm the most anxious patient which is why she offers the option of sedation dentistry. She understands that sedation dentistry may be the difference between a patient forgoing dental care or making their dental health a priority.

Dental phobia can be difficult to overcome, but letting it get in the way of your health is definitely not the answer. Sedation dentistry utilizes medication, helping patients relax and overcome their dental anxieties. Our office offers a number of sedation choices for our patients. While options like nitrous gas (laughing gas) can be helpful for some, we also offer other alternatives to fit the patient’s anxiety level and type of treatment. Dr. Hudson works to ensure that each of patients who experience uneasiness and apprehension about their dental visit are made to feel as comfortable and at ease as possible. Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective option that helps many of our patients minimize pain and anxiety. Patients who select sedation dentistry are able to relax, and in many cases, sleep through their procedures.


Proper oral hygiene is a big piece of keeping our mouths clean and healthy, but regular cleanings and preventative appointments with your dentist are just as crucial. Don’t let your fear of the dentist compromise your health. Give our office a call today at 425-212-1975 or send us a message to schedule your appointment, and be sure to ask about our sedation dentistry options to help make your visit as easy and stress-free as possible.