5 Tips to Keep Your Gums in Tiptop Shape

Dr. Amy Norman continually stresses the importance of practicing good oral hygiene to her patients, and that includes more than just brushing those pearly whites. The condition and health of your gums is equally important. Without proper care, patients are at risk for periodontal disease, a bacterial infection around the teeth and gums. Here are five ways you can keep your gums healthy:


1.     Floss!  This is no-brainer, but it’s often a step many people skip. While some patients may find it inconvenient and time-consuming, it’s necessary in preserving gum health. Regular flossing removes plaque that accumulates between the teeth which can develop into tartar, turning into a breeding ground for bacteria.


2.     Use Mouthwash  Mouthwash is more than just a breath-freshening elixir. It helps protect your teeth and gums from harmful bacteria. Look for an antibacterial mouthwash which can reduce oral bacteria by as much as 75 percent.


3.     Munch on gum-healthy foods  Yes, onions get a bad rap for their bad-breath inducing tendencies, but they also have some great benefits. Onions have an antimicrobial ingredient that kills certain kinds of bacteria that are often linked to gum disease. Raisins are another gum-healthy food. Research shows that the antioxidants in raisins prevent bacteria growth that can lead to gum disease.


4.     Brushing Techniques  The way you brush your teeth is just as important as how often you brush them. Use a soft or extra-soft toothbrush, and apply light to medium pressure. Brushing at a 45-degree angle helps properly position the bristles against the gums to remove food and debris.  


5.     Routine Dental Exams  Regular dental exams are vital to maintaining good oral health. This allows Dr. Norman to identify and address any potentially problematic oral issues early on. Schedule routine exams every six months.


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Our mouths can quickly turn into a hotbed for bacteria if we aren’t diligent about our oral health. Taking preventative measures to protect your gums helps reduce your risk of developing gum disease.  Contact our office today at 425-212-1975 to schedule your six-month dental exam. 

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