Full Mouth Reconstruction

Ready to eliminate TMJ pain? Full Mouth Reconstruction corrects the relationship between the muscles, jaw joints and teeth.

“People come to us in with a wide variety of symptoms such as jaw, head, neck, shoulder or back pain. Some know these are TMJ symptoms, some don’t,” Judy explained. But, all of those symptoms are caused by TMJ. When one of our patients is diagnosed with TMJ Disorder (tempromandibular joint disorder), Dr. Amy Norman determines the degree to which the bite should be realigned. “Dr. Norman has spent years receiving special training to realign a patient’s jaw without surgery,” Judy said. The goal of treatment is to bring the jaw into a natural state of alignment which eliminates the irritation in the critical tempromandibular joint and the surrounding tissues and nerves. Every case is different and one possible means of treatment is full mouth reconstruction.

Patient Education
Judy has helped many patients who have required full mouth reconstruction. “The patients who receive treatment plans that include full mouth reconstruction see dramatic improvement following treatment. It really is an amazing treatment!” 

A full mouth reconstruction focuses on correcting the relationship between muscles, jaw joints, and teeth. Misalignment causes TMJ symptoms. When properly aligned, the teeth, jaw joints and muscles function in harmony, causing the irritation to go away. To achieve this, Dr. Norman must determine the proper alignment. Specific bio-instrumentation is used to assess optimal function among these three important elements. With this precise instrumentation, the guesswork is taken out of determining the correct jaw and bite position to alleviate the TMJ disorder. 

With this information, Dr. Norman can determine the degree of reconstruction required to repair the bite. In some cases only certain teeth, usually molars, can be reconstructed to achieve the harmony that alleviates the TMJ disorder. In other cases, full mouth reconstruction allows Dr. Norman to specifically reconstruct the ideal teeth to work with the rest of your anatomy. With this degree of precision, Dr. Amy Norman can make specific alterations in your bite to affect the entire system of muscles, jaw joint, nerves and teeth. 

“After treatment, patients’ lives change dramatically for the better,” Judy said. “They are free of their chronic pain and pain medications. They are free to live normal, happy lives without the chronic pain. It’s very gratifying to see that!”

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