TMJ Treatment 

Annette's Experience

Annette came to use suffering from jaw pain and migraines. When we hear those symptoms, we know to screen for TMJ or tempromandibular joint disorder.

Many people suffer from TMJ and never know it, like Annette. These people treat their symptoms with pain medications or painful injections often prescribed by doctors and never address the cause of the symptoms. TMJ can cause chronic and persistent head, neck or jaw pain as well as migraine headaches. A clicking jaw, popping jaw, or snapping in the jaw joint is the most common symptom of TMJ. So, is a persistent and chronic headache. There may or may not be pain in the jaw when the clicking or popping sound is heard. TMJ also can cause numbness in the arm, back pain and problems with the ears.
Annette had a typical first call with us, exchanging important information. We shared our treatment approach and philosophy with her and she decided on the call we were a good fit for her treatment. From your first initial consultations on the phone and in person you will find that Dr. Norman and her team will listen and care to a level most patients have never experienced from a health care provider. 

Annette learned how the source of her pain might be dysfunction in her tempromandibular joint, known as TMD (tempromandibular joint disorder) or simply commonly referred to as TMJ. In her consultation, she learned that Dr. Norman will perform measurements and assessments that can determine the cause of the chronic pain, leading to treatments customized for each patient.

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