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Glady's Experience

Like most of our patients, a strong friendship and trust develops over time.

Gladys has been a patient for many years. And, like most of our patients, a strong friendship and trust develops over time. Our patients know they will receive excellent dental care and they also know they are treated like a friend and a guest when they visit us. We do everything we can to make the experience as warm and enjoyable as possible.

While many patients, like Gladys are diligent about coming in for their preventive care. Preventive home care is an important skill that should be practiced daily and even taught to young children. Making exams and cleanings a regular part of your health care can keep your teeth, gums and mouth in a healthy, disease-free state.
Preventive Care
If preventive care is not practiced, cavities, root canals and gum disease are common results of neglecting your dental health. We offer both preventive care such as cleanings and screenings as well as filling cavities, treating gum disease and performing root canals. 

When a patient visits us, we make sure to introduce every team member he or she meets. Gladys said, “I love how Judy comes around the desk and greets me by name; she always remembers the last thing we talked about. Whether I’m talking to her on the phone or in person, she is always so present in the moment.”

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