Tiffany's Experience

Dr. Norman successfully treats chronic head, neck and jaw pain.

Tiffany came to us with terrible headaches and pain. After some testing, Dr. Norman determined that orthodontics would be the answer to relieving Tiffany’s pain. 

Adults considering orthodontics have a lot of choices these days. For some, adult orthodontics may be a patient’s first experience with braces. Others may have had braces as a teenager but stopped wearing their retainer, allowing their teeth to move out of position. In either case, Dr. Norman and her team help patients determine their options for straighter teeth or possible TMJ treatment through orthodontic. This was Dr. Norman’s approach for Tiffany.
Tiffany was motivated to get out of pain and Dr. Norman explained her options in a consultation. Dr. Norman offers orthodontic services that can properly align a patient’s bite if teeth are not straight, if teeth are crowded or if the patient‘s bite is misaligned. 

Dr. Norman offers many options depending on a patient’s orthodontic needs. Each case is different but the process can take months or years. Following the completion of treatment, many patients wear a retainer to hold the teeth in place while the bone permanently reforms around the positioned teeth. Tiffany felt prepared for treatment and moved forward.

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